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Keep Woodpeckers Away from the House

Most Tennessee woodpeckers prefer to live in forests or woodlands where the trees are abundant, but one or more may find their way to the trees on your property. You might spot them in your yard or you could hear the near constant pecking noise that is a sure sign of their presence. These birds can be quite annoying, but they also can be very destructive, especially if they decide to peck at the wood on your home. If Knoxville woodpeckers are known to live in your area, it is a good idea to take preventative measures to keep them from coming close to your home.

In most cases, woodpeckers will attack the wooden components of your home in search of food, and they cause severe holes and pecking destruction on any home they attack. They are capable of drilling wooden sheds, fences, decks and sidings. The best possible way to keep Tennessee woodpeckers away from a house is to ensure that you eliminate any source of food, and that includes: fruit trees, grains, and nuts. There are no special poisons made for Knoxville woodpeckers; thus, one of the safest ways to keep them away is through the use of nets. Woodpecker netting can simply be installed around any wooden compartment of your house; these are lightweight plastic materials that create a physical barrier. The exclusion net often measures ¾ inch in size and can prevent the birds from getting through.

Certain repellants can also be used in keeping woodpeckers away. These include liquid sprays and ultrasonic sounding devices. A single ultrasonic device can produce sound within 1 acre, and they work by producing distress sounds that can confuse the birds and force them to take shelter in another Tennessee location. Woodpeckers are beautiful birds, but their beauty will be lost on you if you find them boring holes or pecking the wood of your home or other structures on your property. In this case you will want to act as quickly as possible to eradicate the bird in order to limit the damage. Take the advice above in order to make your property as unattractive as possible to woodpeckers so that you may avoid the damage that they bring altogether. Prevention may take a little work, but it is better than having to deal with the structural damage that these Knoxville birds may inflict upon your home.

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