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Information About Gophers

Knoxville gophers are said to be weigh about 0.5 pounds. They are 15 inches long and have a tail that is 7 inches long. Their lifetime is typically 2 to 3 years, if they are not subjected to any disease or predation.

They dig tunnels and chambers, and are linked with rodent order, Rodentia. Tennessee gophers, due to the burrowing nature can interrupt human ideas and plots like garden plots, commercial agriculture, landscaping and underground cables. This has actually to their treatment as pests, often.

Life cycle
Knoxville gophers are shy in nature and they choose to spend their time in the underground, mostly. They burrow and have the ability to produce wide underground tunnels in their lifetime which might even last till 12 years. Gophers mate during the months involving January and April. They produce a litter of 2-6 young ones, after 19 days. The growth period might be in between 18-30 days and it depends on the type of species. They stay with their mothers for two months subsequent to their birth and after that they leave to create burrows all by themselves. Their teeth develop constantly and they need to chew or nibble continuously to take care of. They never hibernate and therefore stay active in the underground even during cold winter season. They construct compartments inside the tunnels to stockpile food. They reach sexual maturity when they turn 3 months old. The males will depart from their burrows often to look for mates when they turn 2 months old. They never leave their burrows with the exception of this purpose, to discover food supply or to discover a new place to dig. They are active day and night.

Gopher generally refers to numerous small burrowing Knoxville rodents prevalent in North America, which includes the pocket gopher, also known as true gophers and ground squirrel that includes Richardson’s ground squirrel and prairie dog species. There are more than 100 types of Tennessee gophers present in the US.

The Tennessee gophers are vegetarians and so they generally consume shrubs and vegetables like lettuce, radishes, carrots and other vegetables with juice. They pull the plants into their burrows, from below, mostly.

Gophers make a large tunnels community with large heaps of rock and dirt at the openings, which are often called as Tennessee gopher holes or gopher towns. Gophers can be found in parks too. The adult ones will watch at the openings to the tunnel and will whistle when they spot a predator, thereby helping the other gophers to run in support of safety of tunnels. A gopher town can be spread to invade large sections of plain or mountain field with much ease and might even possess a population in thousands. This results in plant life destruction which then leaves the vicinity with an extension of uncovered dirt. They are mostly anti-social in nature and so they intend to spend time on their own. Whenever they happen to face other Knoxville gophers, they typically end up in fights, except for the mating season.

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